Census of Marine Life activities within Australia

  • Barcode of Life (BCOL)
  • Census of Antarctic Marine Life (CAML)
  • Census of Coral Reef Ecosystems (CReefs)
  • Census of Marine Life on Seamounts (Censeam)
  • Continental Margin Ecosystems (COMARGE)
  • Great Barrier Reef (GBR) Seabed Biodiversity Project (SBBP) - CoML affiliated project
  • History of Marine Animal Populations Asia (HMAP)
  • Mapping and visualisation
  • Ocean Biogreographic Information System (OBIS) provides data on Australian taxa to OBIS; at present some 30% of Australian taxa are represented on the OBIS database (more detail below). 
  • Pacific Ocean Shelf Tracking (POST)
  • Synthesis
  • Tagging of Pacific Predators (TOPP)

CoML has links to many institutions at the national level, including museums, academia, and policy groups.

Census Community Database

Scientists, educators and others involved in the Census of Marine Life Community are asked to register in the Census Community Database. There are currently 1100 individuals listed and our goal for 2010 is to recognize each individual person who has contributed to the Census over the past 10 years.

Global projects

Global Census of Marine Life projects